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Judging your effort

Using Power, Heart Rate or PRE (Perceived Rate of Exertion) 

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Judging your effort: Classes

Judging and managing your effort


One of the most accurate ways is using a power meter. From power cranks, to pedals to wheels, there is now an abundance of different means of recording your data.

Completing testing with Forte coaching allows us to train in the correct zones. 



The now old way of judging your effort. But still very effective. A few years before power meters were readily available, this was the go to way of measuring effort for cyclists. 

It has slowly become a tool that works in unison with power to keep a track of your effort. Taking resting heart rate in the morning can help track fatigue or potential illness. 

R P E 

(Rate of Perceived Exertion)

We still know not every one has a power meter, or may not like using them. 

P.R.E is a great way of judging your effort without the use of expensive equipment. Following the guide on the right hand side will help you train efficiently. 

Judging your effort: Features
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